Web Bikes

Why buy a bike online?

Online vs Neighborhood Store

If you want to get a great bike, you have to start with finding a great online bike store. You may be wondering why you need to go to an online bicycle store when there are so many bike stores in your neighborhood. The truth is, if you want a bargain, then online is the place to go.

The Secret is Volume

Of course the reason so many of these online stores can sell for less is volume. When you are selling to the entire world you can sell more bikes. While the local store may be great for service, the web offers greater variety at the best rock bottom prices. More bikes out the door mean a seller can survive on a smaller profit per bike.

Lower Overhead

The other item that keeps a bike website in business is they don't need a showroom. Those lineups of bikes at your local shop need space to display them and an employee to assemble them. The website just needs a warehouse to store the boxes of bikes you will assemble at home.

Fewer Employees

Of course, if a business doesn't need someone at the till or a bike serviceman to assemble and repair bikes, it will require fewer employees. In fact a really successful bike website can probably run on half as many employees as the local store selling the same amount of bikes.

So the next time you are thinking of upgrading your bike, or want to see what's new, like the electric 3 wheel bike, don't forget to check out the web. You can test drive a bike locally at a retail store all you like, but go to an online bicycle store for the best prices you’ll find anywhere.

Online Advantages


Lower operating costs means lower prices.


More styles and options for you to choose from.


Fast Delivery - usually within 1 to 7 days.


Many have simple and easy exchange policies.